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2016 Zuni Main Street Festival

Video directed by Aaron Natewa.
Zuni. Graduate of Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

Zuni was “proclaimed” the First Native American MainStreet on July 5th 2012!

Benefits for Local Business
Strong businesses create jobs and enhance quality of life for the Zuni community. To ensure that our local businesses prosper, Zuni MainStreet will offer a variety of resources such as. . .
  • Business advice based on market data.
  • Collaborative promotions and marketing.
  • Design assistance for businesses.
  • Promoting business-friendly policies & codes.
  • Creating an attractive business district for customers and residents.
“The pueblo is honored to be designated an official New Mexico MainStreet site,” said Zuni Governor Arlen Quetawki, Sr., during the proclamation signing ceremony.

New Mexico MainStreet and the National Trust for Historic Preservation has dedicated Zuni Pueblo as the first Native American Main Street community in the nation.

“We are excited that the eyes of many state and national organizations and communities will be upon us.”

Zuni Pueblo believes that MainStreet’s grass-roots economic development matches the community’s needs, which are based on small, individual cottage arts production and sales.

Zuni MainStreet Project is being driven by a nine-member steering committee made up of business and community leaders, artists, and residents.

New Mexico MainStreet (NMMS) services 23 MainStreet projects and six state-authorized arts and cultural districts. A program of the New Mexico Economic Development Department, NMMS has adopted the National Trust Main Street Center’s Four-Point Approach to help affiliated downtown organizations create an economically viable business environment while preserving localcultural and historic resources.

“We have our work cut out for us, but Zuni is known for often taking the lead,” said Governor Quetawki.

“I welcome everyone to come see how Zuni will realize its very own MainStreet.”

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To find out more or to contribute to the project, please contact Mainstreet Manager Wells Mahkee Jr.,
PO Box 339, Zuni NM 87327
Email: Wells.MahkeeJr@ashiwi.org
Phone: 505.782.7238

Upcoming Events
Valentine’s Day Market, Feb. 13–14, 2017

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